Stabilizer Link

Stabilizer Links

Stabilizer Link (SBLs) connect both wheels of an axle through an anti-roll or stabilizer bar.  The straight structure part is usually pivoted and builds the connection to the wheel carrier, control arm or knuckle.  SBLs reduce the body roll of a vehicle during cornering.  THK develop and produce a wide range of various high-quality SBLs in conjunction with customer requirements.  SBLs consist of ball joints and/or bushings depending on the customer request.  THK’s modular ball joint design principle includes the entire range of required sizes for a customer’s portfolio of vehicles by applying state of the art designs as well as advanced materials and coatings to ensure functionality and performance in terms of strength and durability, stiffness, low noise level, low friction and corrosion protection over the guaranteed lifetime.   For commercial vehicles SBLs can be offered with two alternative joint variants: “DL” ball joints ensure a high flexibility in length and ball joint orientation and rubber joints provide low weight and a reduced noise level.